Music, Myth & Memories:  A Kyle Family History

by Noeline Kyle

(with Joyce Lawson)

Music Myth & Memories traces the descendants of Henry and Michael Kyle (arrived
Australia 1841). These Kyles were mostly dairy farmers. They were also talented musicians.
Rob Willis from the National Library and Noeline Kyle have interviewed many people from the
Macleay Valley and are convinced there is no other place in Australia like it. A unique musical tradition
with Irish roots survived and was nurtured especially at Nulla Nulla Creek on the Upper Macleay and
the history of the Kyles and their contribution to that musical tradition is included in this book. It also
records the stories of workers, soldiers, husbands, wives, mothers, daughters, sons and children and their
diverse worlds of love, marriage, immigration, birth, hope, duty, joy and changing attitudes. It is about
country people, hard work, determination and sometimes despair. These stories of Irish and colonial life
are based on meticulous research of official documents and oral history. The Nulla Nulla Creek is also
where Slim Dusty spent is childhood and growing and his musical talent was nurtured here. The research
and writing of this family history has taken more than 20 years and the real people who step from its
pages open another small window into Australian Irish history, and Australian national life and character.

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