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Women and history - a list of resources
Convict women
Immigrant women
Women and education
Women and family history
Women and work
Writing women into history
Women, crime and the law
Nurses, Midwives and Health Professionals
latest news/websites/sources for women and family history


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Kirkpatrick & Rose Family Stories (Australia)                                 

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Kyle Family History

Nursing History Research Unit


Midwives Database North Coast of NSW

NSW Midwives 1788-1900 Click here to search a new list of midwives from 1788 to 1900 by Lesley Potter and read about her research.

Photographs- Sydney and Australia...

Listen to Noeline talking about Nurse Mary Kirkpatrick and the history of midwifery by Nursepoint on Youtube

Listen to an interview with Phillip Adams on late nght live re Noeline's book A Greater Guilt: Constance Emilie Kent and the Road Murder









Nurses & midwives in Australian history

Reconstructing childhood: an article by Noeline Kyle on how schooling changed the world of the child over time........and check out Noeline's latest book on the history of childhood

Researching your ancestor's childhoodclick her for more details

Children Family Mothers

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